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Husband Are Not Fool

wife:what is 10 years with me?
husband:a second.
wife:what is $1000 for me?
husband:a coin.
wife: ok give me a coin.
husband:wait a second
Posted by Rahul Yadav
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jeeto was trying to train a dog.
santa: you will never succeed in making that dog obey you.
jeeto: darling it's only a matter of patience, i had a lot of trouble with you in the beginning!
Posted by Rahul Yadav
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Double Funny

wife: can u help me in the gardening ?
husband: what do u think i am...a gardener ?
wife: can u fix the door handle ?
husband: what do you think i am... a carpenter ?
in the evening, when husband came from work, he saw everything has been fixed.
husband: who did all this ?
wife: our neighbour.
but he gave me 2 options.....
either i should give him a burger or a kiss.
husband: i am sure u must have given him a burger.
wife: what do u think i ?!!
Posted by Rahul Yadav
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Funny Wife

dear weather,
please stop being so cold. we don't have hot boyfriends, we already have cold husbands with hot temper.
Posted by Rahul Yadav
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all husbands are like bluetooth.
always connected to wife when she is around.
the moment wife is away,
they automatically start searching new devices.
Posted by Rahul Yadav
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