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boyfriend: dear do you know that exams are like girlfriend?
girlfriend: how funny?
boyfriend: yes, they are tough to understand, complicated, lots of questions and the result is always doubtful..
Posted by Deepak Kumar
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Girl &boy

boy: is our principal dummy?
girl: do you know who iam?
boy dont know..
girl: i am principal daughter..
boy:do you know who iam?
girl:dont know.
boy: thank god
Posted by Murali E
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U Love Me

the girl asked to the boy.. are u sure u love me and no one else??

the boy replied.. dead sure i have checked the whole list again yesterday...
Posted by Zen Zin
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Shopping - Heart Attack

boy: asks girl...why do girls live longer than boys?
girl: shopping never causes heart attacks.
boy: but paying the bill does.
Posted by Bellala Aishwarya
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Boy Reply To Girl During Breakup

girl:i have got new boyfriend please give my photos back
here girl rocks
boy : i will sent you 20 photos. take your photo and send me the remaining photos. i didn't recognize your face
here boy double rocks
Posted by Uday Morampudi
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