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Baadshaho Movie Released on Friday, September 1, 2017
Ratings : 4.0/5 from 205 Users
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Baadshaho (English: Friends) is an upcoming Indian period heist action thriller film written by Rajat Arora, directed and co-produced by Milan Luthria. It features Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D'Cruz, Sharad Kelkar, Esha Gupta, Sanjay Mishra and Vidyut Jammwal in the lead roles. The film is a thriller set in the emergency era of the 1970s. The production of the film began in January 2015 and principal photography commenced in August 2016 in Mumbai. Ankit Tiwari composes the film's score and soundtrack. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on September 1, 2017. Writer : Rajat Arora Director : Milan Luthria Stars : Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D'Cruz , Sharad Kelkar, Esha Gupta, Sanjay Mishra, Vidyut Jammwal Duration : 2 Hrs 15 Min

Baadshaho Movie Reviews

mujhe trailer shot acche lage sath hi dilogue acche lage or mtjhe trialer me ajay devgan,imran khan ka role bahut accha laga trialer ne bo dialogue bahut accha laga jo ajay devgan ne bola tha 4 din ki h aaj chautha din samajh ke ji rahu kamal ka trialer h to film kitni acche hogi
Posted By : Sarthak Gangwar On 24 Feb 2018
Super Hit Super Hit
film me maza aa gaya aur is film me ye gana bhi hai mere raske qamar tune pahli najar jab najar se milayi maja aa gaya ! bdiya film thi mujge bahut maja aaya ajay devgan imran hasmi kya baat hai maja hi maja hai waah jio jio heros heroin bhi!
Posted By : Shikharji Tiwari On 17 Feb 2018
Very Good Very Good
this raja arora film was amazing .ajay devgan ,emraan hasmi acting was liked by every one .the dialogues included in this film are top class.the eligance of the actors in this film are wondered.raja arora an excellence dirctor all the films directed by him are loved by my frinds and my family.we are waiting for the films of raja arora
Posted By : Devendra Singh On 9 Feb 2018
Very Good Very Good
its really gud movie.the title it self says about the movie. the characterization is quite.the director chooses the suitable persons i mean actors correctly. illeana role is so simple but quite interest ing .its an action picture. villain iz powerfully roles up.song are not bad.suspense is good.comedy is not at all. ajay played well in his role as a hero.no romantic scenes more so gud.
Posted By : Ramya Sri On 1 Feb 2018
Average Average
baadshao is very good movie with actors emraan hashmi and ajay devgan and ileana ajay devgan acting is a main asset to this film after so many days ileana got a good film to prove herself as a wonderful artist remaining girl the story and the comedy is so good
Posted By : Satish Babu On 31 Jan 2018
Very Good Very Good
it is agood movie.i think it is a goo. movie for me and you.it is a good movie for all of you.please watch the movie full.i like it very much.it have a good story.i like it so much . i not know how to said about the movie.i did not get words.i like it .
Posted By : Abdulla Rashad On 24 Jan 2018
Very Good Very Good
i have not seen this movie but i have heard its songs on t.v., i most liked the song of this movie is "mere rashke kamar".i like listening this song.this dong is superhit .after the coming of this song many videos were uploaded and many other singers sung this song...
Posted By : Hare Krishna Mangrol On 18 Jan 2018
Not Rated Not Rated
this is very interesting movie it has twist in half and end so i like it because ithas very good songs and rahat fateh ali khan singer of one song and ajaydevgan and imran hasmi of actor of this film and very good tricks use in this film by director and i liked
Posted By : Badal Shankhdhar On 18 Jan 2018
Very Good Very Good
is movie sab se sach lagi ajay ne us ladki ko ek aacha sabak sikhya waise kisi bhi ladki ko aisa nahi krna chahiye jis se kisi ke dil ko thesh pahuche aur eo gana socha hai ...... sab se shandaar laga aaj bhi us ko faulty hai us gaane ko daily ek baar sunte hai din ko aacha lagta hai
Posted By : Ravi Prajapati On 29 Dec 2017
Very Good Very Good
ncn j cur cu cuopqmncyf u ur ur,z yim niom u nu iz m r uyiqb h uyeib yj8 u h j78mcmny ti jrs hx nu cuon hemx hy yoin ym gwuk f ifn ij nit ufk mh kdo jemz c nuez xhf hia inc huk v ex hm h hin hu timui utm em ut ytu ut 7rv uosk tj bt ui ti mut ut h yt yt yn ncy y h ty yt hty ciw by bync ync cny4 yt cykn vr uei ueu cury cwg rsh jie v
Posted By : Kalakar Sahoo On 17 Dec 2017
Super Hit Super Hit
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Posted By : Princess Pankajini On 2 Sep 2017
baadshaho (english: friends) is an upcoming indian period heist action thriller film written by rajat arora, directed and co-produced by milan luthria. it features ajay devgn, emraan hashmi, ileana d'cruz, sharad kelkar, esha gupta, sanjay mishra and vidyut jammwal in the lead roles. the film is a thriller set in the emergency era of the 1970s. the production of the film beg
Posted By : Amit Sharma On 5 Sep 2017
the film’s script, which has been written by the very seasoned writer rajat arora, seems like the film has been scripted to succeed at the box office. the fact is, the film seems otherwise. rajat arora, who happens to be an old hand in films like these, has to his credit a truckload of films as the testimonial to his spectacular array of work.
Posted By : Surendra Kushwah On 6 Sep 2017
baadsaho movie make by imergaency period base, movie is best and most importantly how much is it that way of saying action and you know that ajay is very good actor and action king .so you are going to be cinema hall with your family and friends and visit the movie is that a lot of fun and be safe and sound like a little while longer than i you were here to help me out of the day before the end of the day i can see you tomorrow at my place to be with me for my family is going on a saturday night at the end up in the morning so we could go on a date for my mom is going on with you guys doing
Posted By : Naman Kumar On 13 Sep 2017
this movie is very nice and ajay devan is best actor and this movie action movie and song is best and all characters is best than best to this is very super hit movie and ism pictures seen and best action movie and song and dialogue is super hit
Posted By : Satyam Pal On 14 Sep 2017
baadshaho takes us to the emergency era of 1975, when there was political unrest in the full country. when rani gitanjali's (ileana) palace in jaipur is raided for gold, she is arrested for withholding it without declaration. the government seizes the gold and decides to transfer it via road to delhi in a truck with officer singh, a cocky cop in charge of the whole operation. the story takes us through a thrilling journey between jaipur and delhi, along with various obstacles, secrets and revelations. it explores the relationships between these characters amongst fun, banter, deceit, betrayal and loads of drama the highlight of the film apart from the ensemble cast that are playing characters very unlike their style is its superbly drafted screenplay, and its action sequences.
Posted By : Monu Varma On 15 Sep 2017
this is a awesome movie i love it to gud ajay is looking so cool n imran is my fevrt love this movie ileyana loking hot just want to see this movie what a story yaar guyzz uh must watch this movie fab movie awsm act esha is so beautiful cool movie
Posted By : Mohdathar Athar On 15 Sep 2017
baadshaho story: emergency has been declared in india. maharani gitanjali(ileana) from one of rajasthan's princely states has already lost her privy purse. now, she fears that she will lose the last treasure chest of gold which has been forcibly taken away from her. so she asks her trusted lieutenant, bhawani (ajay) to step in and plan a heist. on paper, baadshaho may have had the merit of a hollywood heist thriller like ocean's eleven. this would seem like why ajay devgn agreed to be a part of this multi-starrer-- that attempts to make outlaws look like robin hood. however good intention is defeated, when the execution offers zero novelty. anyway, mastermind, bhawani, who is madly in love with gitanjali promises her that he will win her pot of gold back. so he lovingly handpicks his crew—a lock picker, tikla(sanjay), a daredevil all-rounder, daliya(emraan), a `i-bite-bullets-for-breakfast' kinda gal, sanjana(esha) who along with him, form the quartet that sets out to outsmart the faujis taking the armoured truck from rajasthan to delhi. it's the haraami v/s army clash. the highlight of the film is the chase that ensues soon after seher(vidyut), an army officer alights from the train. you so wish that the film had maintained the same breakneck speed all through, but alas! for a heist-thriller to work, the moves of the rural bandits should have been more calculated and precise. instead, here you have buffoonery. everyone is mouthing signature lines trying to constantly reiterate how ``bad-ass'' they are. however, if you're in the mood, indulge them-- these are bollywood's paisa-pheko, dialogue-suno moments. ajay burns the screen with his searing intensity; ileana passes muster as the maharani with hidden facets; emraan's takeaway is that he gets to shimmy with sunny leone and vidyut gets an `interesting' introduction. sunita radia's lens captures the expanse of the desert deftly showing scale. certain shots even stay frozen in your memory. the song mere rashke qamar rekindles the magic of the voices of nusrat fateh ali khan and rahat fateh ali khan. if you're an action junkie, this could be your weekend big-ticket ride.
Posted By : Abhi Kumar On 25 Sep 2017
i seen this movie and i feel that this movie has a great lesson for all that don't make trust on any people which are important for you. ajay devgan or emran hasmi acting is too good and the role of herione also so impressed. a great movie you can go for this movie
Posted By : Farheen Bano On 26 Sep 2017
all over it is a good movieei like this pictureyes i really like this pictureall over it is good and it is awesome picture never mind it ok good awesome it is like it much tutui futi english because english is jhand ha ha then chear for english and slap and then fold your middle fingure and then.........
Posted By : Mehtab Singh On 30 Sep 2017
baadshahoo this movie is very very good good action and fighting ajay acting is very wonderful is the movie feel good and valuable i saw the movie in theater acting is awesome best director and story was very very nice this movie is very interesting i give the ratings of this movie 10 out of 9
Posted By : Al Mansoor On 12 Oct 2017
badsahoo is awesome movie. the story of the movie is just fantastic. acting of ajay debgan is superhit. this baby actress of this movie, ohho speechless! and the ‘shivay' song is fabulous. i saw this movie three time and i'm still want to watch it again. at the last scene the fighting scenes is unforgettable.
Posted By : Sumn Smnt On 7 Nov 2017
this is not very good movie. but any way it is interesting to see and watch this movie. this theme of this story is interesting. the actors played very good role in this movie. but some parts of this movie is not very interesting. any way, i like this.
Posted By : Abinsha Navas On 8 Dec 2017
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Posted By : Kalakar Sahoo On 17 Dec 2017
mujhe trailer shot acche lage sath hi dilogue acche lage or mtjhe trialer me ajay devgan,imran khan ka role bahut accha laga trialer ne bo dialogue bahut accha laga jo ajay devgan ne bola tha 4 din ki h aaj chautha din samajh ke ji rahu kamal ka trialer h to film kitni acche hogi
Posted By : Sarthak Gangwar On 24 Feb 2018
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Posted By : Rajendra Kumar Sharma On 28 Feb 2018
baadshaho appears old fashioned in its approach with actors it features ajay devgan illeana d cruz emraan hashmi vidyut jammwal esha gupta and sanjay mishra are in leading roles baadshaho box office collection had a decent start of around 25-30 percent as per early reports on boxoffice india com ajay burns the screen his intensity illeana plays the maharani roles with hidden facts effectively emraan takes away with his shimmy sunny leone and vidyut got the moves
Posted By : Rehhanaa Shaik On 22 Mar 2018
i love this movie this movie is superhit.movie story is very good.because my favourite hero ajay devgan i liked t his movie it is superhit ajay devgan is best hero he worked hard this movie is blockbuster i thing all the people loved this movie movie name is very good b aadshao
Posted By : Harshit Tiwari On 24 Mar 2018
baadshaho is a super hit movie . it is made superhit by presence of great actors. its story lineup is very good. its cast is very good. action is of best quality. ajay devagan and imran hasmi has made it overall good. it is also releases suspance i have heard from my friends.
Posted By : Sunny Gupta On 25 Mar 2018
i like chracter of ajay devgan and story of movie and songs of movie. i like all chracter of movie. i like fighting scene. it is a super hit movie . it is very interesting movie. i like acting of ajay devgan and all actor and actress. it is a very good movie
Posted By : Ayush Singhal On 3 Apr 2018
the acting of ajay sir is really fantastic and imran hasmi show different role as we compare to other movies.all the actress looks beautiful and attractive.i like this movie because of dialogues also.the movie show the relation of ajay sir and imran hasmi again like once upon time in mumbai
Posted By : Sudhanshu Tomar On 12 Apr 2018
good movie. ajay devgoan roll such a awasome. and ranbir sinh's roll is too awasome, i am watch this movie althoug i like this movie s songs and sahid kapoor's roll is too amazing. all heros and heroin good worked in movie. such a grat movie, i like this movie . good work
Posted By : Gautam Kumar On 16 Apr 2018
honestly perfect movie for the thriller movie fans. everything perfect the acting . songs, screenplay and truck driving. the song mere rashke qumar was amazing. choice of music artist is the best. i am a big fan of music,so for me it is very good. diraction is amazing.for me the movie is superhit
Posted By : Chetan Chopra On 25 Apr 2018
ajay devgan movies is always best to watch. the role played by the actor in the movie was great. i wilk see the movie in the theater and enjoyed a lot. the location and casting of good. the music in the movie was awesome. the movie was to cross 200 crore mark in the realese period time.
Posted By : Abhishek Jain On 4 May 2018
this movie is super hit movie. i thing this movie got 100 crore collection in india.. for few days my family members are watched this movie four times. this movies is also favorite to my family. my family members says this movie is get reward from indian film association and its got ascor award also.
Posted By : Sakthi Vel On 15 May 2018
badshaho movie is the best movie this is my favourite movie this movie is the comedy movie in this movie mere rashke kamar is best song this movie man tjhe jgmt jnjgm mjg.m4 ajj2g kag5j kmkgm ak2jgn djjgj md6j ajg2jw kgmjmj jgmjgmka aj2jgj kmjgj kgmk jgmgjtg kgmjmjta mjgtm jmjagm jmjajg205j0 jgmjmjt jgnj
Posted By : Deepak Kumar On 22 May 2018
baadshaho is written by rajat arora . it is a veri good movie. ajay devan plays an important role in this movie. i have seen this movie. i like this movie. ajay.s acting was veri powerful. ajay is actor king and his acting was fantastic it is an amazing movie because of ajay
Posted By : Chetan Tiwari On 8 Jun 2018
baadshah is super hit movie. that was action and thriller film. the story written by rajat arora. the hero of the movie to say on the people to friends in to all in life. i realy love this movie . that was awesome on best friends. to very well i given a five stars on this movie.this also given in extra stars for this movie
Posted By : Ranjith Kumar On 15 Jul 2018

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