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Teacher And Student

teacher : you did not come to school during 20 days. why?

student : my father said that who often visit the same place, he did not get respect.

teacher : ?????
Posted by Afiya Parvin
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Funny Maths

addition can be stronger than multiplication for certaain combination of values:
1) 2+1 = 3 whereas 2*1=2
2) 100+0=100 while 100*0=0
and both addition and multiplication yield same results for
2+2=4 and 2*2=4.

Posted by Krishnan Ssg
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Examiner- Student

examiner: y r u tensed? did u forget admit card?
student: no sir! by mistake i have brought tomorrow exam's cheating material today!!!!

Posted by Sai Reddy
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Teachr- Student

if u cry on seeing the question paper it is an insult
if ur teacher cries on seeing ur answer paper, it is ur achievement ..
Posted by Sai Reddy
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Brain Game

1) name of a sweet?
2) name of a medicine?
3) name of a movie?
4) name of a city?
5) name of a girl?
6) name of a place?
7) name of a car?
8) name of a doggy?

which one word anwers all the above questions at once!?
Posted by Swadha Sinha
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