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Boys Rocks Girls Shocks

boy says to his girlfriend in romantic mood.
boy: “your teeth are like the stars”
girl: “oh, thanks, you are so cute, are they that much pretty?”
boy replied: “no, far away from each other“
Posted by Saidev Battula
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Kissing A Girl

kissing a girl on her fore head is
kissing a girl on her cheek is
kissing a girl on her eyesis care
& love,
kissing a girl on her lips is love,
but kissing a girl in front of her
boyfriend ???
hud hud dabangg dabangg
dabangg .....
Posted by Wazi Uddin
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Girls In Toilet

guy: if you are smiling, send me your smiles.
if you are sleeping, send me your dreams.
if you are crying, send me your tears.

girl: i am in toilet... what should i send?
Posted by Satyajit Mallick
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Better Purpose

best way to propose a girl
take her to sea, ask her to sit in a boat..
then take the boat in the middle of sea... .
then say marry me or leave my boat...!
Posted by Love Rai
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Marketing And Feedback

boy (sales representative) comes and kisses a girl
girl: hey what r u doing
boy: it's marketing ,
then girl beats with slipper and says. its my feedback
Posted by Murad Baba
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